Ruth Walks Dogs
"My 10 year old Weimariner, Thor, has been walking with Ruth for five years now. He's quite physically fit from her daily workouts. He used to be 111 pounds and is now 82 pounds. He also salivates over her homemade brownie dog treats! Ruth has been so accommodating with my ever-changing schedule and it's been a relief for me to have Ruth care for Thor when I am away on trips. I know he's getting fresh air, exercise, socialization with the pack, and that he's being fed nutritiously. To top it all off, Ruth is very loving with Thor, and you just can't beat that!"

-Petra DeJesus

"From the very beginning, Ruth has has taken great care with the health, happiness and safety of my dog Goose. She's careful to introduce new dogs to the pack in a way that creates an esprit de corps among the dogs. I return home to a happy, tired dog each day-- one who is excited to tell me about the fun he's had at the beach with Ruth and the pack."


"We give four paws up each to Ruth Walks Dogs! Ruth is kind and a thoughtful human. She gives us lots of homemade treats. She understands our individual needs and personalities and keeps us in line. For example, Doodlebug loves to eat poop. Doodle knows she shouldn't, but she can't stop herself. Ruth made her a special mesh hat (the Doody Deflector) to keep her from her obsession and it does the trick! Ruth re-directs Doodle's energy towards running and playing with other dogs and that is what she needs! I like to stick close by Ruth on our beach walks, and make sure everything is OK by checking in with her a lot. I make sure the other dogs stay in line by barking commands. I like to trot along beside her. I'm a senior dog, and don't run that much. But I love getting belly rubs, exploring the beach, and Ruth's encouragement. I don't need as much exercise as Doodle, but I know that it is good for me. Ruth's walks meet our needs for companionship and exercise so we are well behaved all week long."

-PeeWee and Doodlebug

Ruth Jensen at Fort Funston with the dogs she walks
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