Ruth Walks Dogs

Want your dog to have a good time at the beach?

Hello, my name is Ruth Jensen, and I'll make sure your dog stays healthy by having fun and socializing at Fort Funston. Once there your dog will play and exercise safely in this dog haven. Taking your dog here is ideal because dogs can roam freely in a wide open space, far away from the dangers of nearby roads, and it is much more stimulating for your dog than cramped city parks and city sidewalks.

A key benefit I offer over other dog walkers includes my giving your dog a full two hours at the beach; most others only do one hour and/or hire employees. I also make sure the pack is stable and will only take a maximum of nine dogs at a time, to ensure your dog gets the care and attention he/she deserves.

About Ruth

I have over ten years (since 1998) of professional hands-on experience dog walking. I don't just walk the dogs, I know how to shepherd them to avoid fights and ensure cohesiveness within the pack. I care so much for the dogs that I walk that I bring homemade liver brownies as treats for them at no extra charge. Dogs will work for food.

Also, for those dogs that have an affinity for the, uh, shall we say, more fragrant things on the ground, I have developed the Doody Deflector. It has been amazingly effective in avoiding the nasty side effects of enthusiastic doody digging. Ask me for more information or if you'd like for me to make one for your dog.

Ruth Jensen at Fort Funston with the dogs she walks
Contact Ruth: Call (415) 333-4308 or email: